Have a Nice Dog

ABRT & Springs Pet Portrait "Mug Shots" Fundraiser

May 31

Tara Patty Photography + Springs Pet Portraits 815 S Sierra Madre St #200, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Mug Shots Fundraiser

ABRT is proud to partner with Springs Pet Portraits for a fundraiser throughout April and May! A donation of at least $50 will get you a mini-photo session plus a mug with your pups' mugs! Donations can be made through the ABRT website at https://haveanicedog.wufoo.com...

"From April 15 through the end of May, Springs Pet Portraits is doing a special fundraiser for All Breed Rescue & Training. Donate a minimum of $50 to All Breed Rescue & Training and you'll get a mini photo session and a photo mug. These are nice 8 ounce coffee mugs with a photo on each side."

There is a maximum of two subjects for the session (2 dogs or 1 dog and 1 human). All sessions will take place at Springs Pet Portraits."

All photo sessions will be by reservation only through this link. All times noted in this event are subject to change.

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