Rent the CLC!

Dec 31
Rent the CLC!9:00am - 9:00pm

410 ½ E Fillmore St

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

(it’s the West half of the All Breed Rescue & Training facility!)

5 minutes east of I-25 exit 145

Available for Individuals, Families, and Professionals

For individuals or families:

Want to let your pups run off leash without the dangers of the dog park?

Let your furry kiddos run around on a tenth of an acre without worrying about someone else’s canine mismanagement.  Plus we have bathrooms!

Want to do your downward dog with your dog?

Our 4,300 square feet of matted flooring is comfy for human feet and puppy paws!

Want to make sure that your pup’s birthday party doesn’t get rained out?

The CLC is completely enclosed and climate controlled.  Rain or snow, you’ll be warm and dry.

Need a place to practice your freestyle routine or agility sequences?

Performance equipment available to rent upon request.

Is your dog groomed to be a groom but still looking for a wedding venue?

We’re dog people.  We get it.

Email today to add the CLC to your lifestyle.

Pricing for the CLC:

$50 per 1 hour, $30 per 30 min.

$250 per day (must book at least two months in advance; full days limited)

Weekends, weekdays, and holidays available.  Email us today!

Don’t need all that space?

Reserve one of our other two training rooms instead.  Training Room West (TRW) and Training Room East (TRE) are both ~1000 sq ft of fully enclosed, fully matted fun!

Pricing for TRW / TRE:

$20 - ½  hour

$30 - 1 hour

For professionals/events (businesses/speakers/programs/etc) :

Anything booked in the CLC must be animal related (always ask us before you assume you’re not though!)  due to our zoning regulations, and must fit within the bounds of our training philosophies. We are not able to rent our space for weekly group training classes taught by outside instructors or organizations.

We have two packages for professionals wishing to use our space for speaking engagements, workshops, or other programs:

CLC Flat Rate:

$50 per hour

$250 per day (must book at least two months in advance; full days limited)

If you choose to pay our flat rate, you get full access to the space, use of any available chairs and or tables that we have, and help with set up and tear down if needed.  Other than that, we’ll leave our noses out of your program! There will be staff at the facility for any questions or troubleshooting that may arise during the time booked, but we are merely providing space for your use.   A/V equipment is also available for rental (projector, microphone/speakers, computer for presentations).

CLC Split Tab:

(Must book at least six months in advance; full days limited)

With the Split Tab, you receive all of the resources that All Breed Rescue & Training has to offer.  Our marketing team will design your promotional materials, create a campaign to sell your tickets/spots to our own client base of over 9000 and other bases with whom we are connected, host and manage web based payments, provide hospitality on the day(s) of your program, be the middle person for the public and your program, and take care of chairs, tables, and A/V equipment.  You can be as hands off as you want to be.

ABRT will receive 60% of all revenue of ticket sales, and your business will receive the 40% cut on the day of the event, as well as 100% of any of your merchandise you sell during your program.

Email to reserve the CLC today!.

Email for more information or to rent a room!.

Pricing for the CLC:

Individuals and families:

$50 per 1 hour

$250 per day (must book at least two months in advance; full days limited)

Weekends, weekdays, and holidays available.  Email us today!

Pricing for TRW / TRE:

$20 - ½  hour

$30 - 1 hour

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