St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Mar 13

Solve the Riddles to find out! 

Win some awesome prizes!

Join us for the first ABRT St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt! Doggo’s Welcome! 

The Scavenger hunt will take place on March 13th, starting at 10am and ending at 5pm. Participants will receive an email at 10am with a list of riddles. The answer to the riddles are local businesses around Colorado Springs. Solve the riddles, travel to the answer destinations and take a picture with the event poster that will be posted up somewhere either inside or outside of the business. There will be many riddles, but participants only have to travel to 10 of the locations plus the final riddle destination. 

The first three people to finish and get to the last riddle destination will get a Grand Prize. 

    - First place prize is worth $250 including a $100 gift card to VillaSpa, $50 gift card to Lazy Dog, a Chocolate   Truffle Box from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and more! 

    - Second place prize is worth $175 including $50 to Lazy Dog, $50 gift card to Jack Quins, and more!

    - Third place prize is worth $125 including a $50 gift card to Lazy Dog, $50 to Jack Quins and more! 

Everyone else who participates but does not get first, second, or third place will receive a goodie bag with $50 worth of coupons, merchandise, and other goodies! (Including an ABRT Pupcrawl Coupon Book with 29 coupons to local breweries and bars!) 

Event Rules:

One Prize per ticket. If you and a friend want to purchase a ticket together and do the Scavenger Hunt together, you are more than welcome too but you will only receive one prize or one goodie bag. If two friends want to participate together and each buy a ticket, again more than welcome to but you will only be eligible to win one grand prize (as well as a goodie bag). Each participant must go to all of the locations (10) in order to win a prize or goodie bag, meaning if people team up and work together, they each still need to go to all 10 places.

- Each participant must travel to all 10 places and take a picture WITH the event poster, or take a picture of your dog with the event poster. 

There are only 50 Tickets Available so don’t wait to snag yours! Tickets are just $20 and Event Totes are just $5! 

Purchase yours here ->

Huge Shoutout to all the Businesses that Donated for Grand Prizes & Goodie Bags









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