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Thank you for your interest in our available dogs. We like to get to know the dogs in our care prior to posting them for adoption so if you do not see the dog you are looking for, feel free to put an interest form in telling us what you are looking for in a forever friend. We love to "match-make" and we may have a dog that is not yet posted that is perfect for you. Once we have an interest form from you, one of our staff will contact you (in 7 - 10 days) to discuss your needs in detail as well as the dog(s) you are interested in.

Rolly a.k.a Orion

Comic Relief

I am a loveable goof ball, inquisitive, ready to play at a moment's notice. I am sweet and will charm that treat right out of your hand.

Breed: ​Dalmatian Mix
Color: White with black spots
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: November 2016
Weight: Currently 25 pounds and growing

20170211 165612
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Super-sweet, Super-smart

I can seem a little shy, at first, but with a friendly gesture and treats I am your best friend.  I love to cuddle with my humans and play with any creature that lets me.  I am happy to learn anything when there is food involved.  

Breed: Rottweiler mix
Color: Black and brown
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: October 2016
Weight: 30 pounds

20170215 083126
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Let me light up your life!

I’m a sweet, loving girl who just wants to curl up next to you.  Some of my favorite things are food and treats, going for walks and riding in the car.  Really, I just want to be wherever you are (or where the food is).  I hope you’re okay with me sleeping on your bed. 

Breed: Maltese mix
Color: White
Gender: Spayed female
Birthdate: November 2007
Weight: 16.6 pounds

Img 2442
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Play with me!!

I want to be your shadow!

Breed: Mountain Cur/ American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: Brindle
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: September 2016
Weight: 45 pounds

021017 Caryns Phone 007
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Duncan & Lexi (Bonded pair)

Bonded Pair - We have spent our lives together and would love to be able to continue.

Lexi is a sensitive girl. Duncan is playful. We both love people and are very bonded to each other since we have been together for 8 years.

Breed: Lexi: Lab mix Duncan: Boxer mix
Color: Lexi: Brindle Duncan: Black & white
Gender: Lexi: Spayed Female Duncan: Neutered Male
Birthdate: Both were born in 2009
Weight: Lexi: 58 pounds Duncan: 70 pounds

Img 4390
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Gidget Marie

Let’s go go go!

I am a sweet girl with a wild side when playing. I am high energy and playful. I am very smart and love to learn new things.

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog mix
Color: Blonde and White
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: June 2016
Weight: 35 pounds

20161231 121540
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My eyes will melt your heart!

I am a very sweet, playful, cuddly, smart boy who loves people and dogs and is looking for my forever home! I love to play, go on walks and nap in the sun. I'm great in the car, and I am absolutely fantastic in my kennel and potty training has so far been a breeze. My eyes will melt your heart and my ear that folds back is soo stinking cute!

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: Black with white markings
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: October 2016
Weight: 30 pounds (and growing)

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I love to play

Outgoing, fun loving, out for adventure!

Breed: Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix
Color: Red/ White
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: December 24, 2015
Weight: 45 pounds

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I will provide you a lifetime of smiles

I am quite the character just like Baloo from Jungle Book! I am clumsy, playful, good-natured, easy-going, fun-Loving, protective and will not fail to make you laugh.

Breed: Lab/Shepherd mix
Color: Brown/Black
Gender: Neutered male
Birthdate: June 2016
Weight: 40 pounds

Img 0458
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Maximillan (AKA Max)

I just want to be with you!

I’m probably the scruffiest, cutest dog you’ve ever seen.  I’m very playful and love to get out and run in the backyard as long as someone is with me. I also love rolling in the grass, playing in the snow, and sleeping the day away.  I’m very smart and can learn new tricks.  I love yummy treats and watching outside to make sure my house is safe.  But more than anything I want to be with you wherever you go in the house. 

Breed: Berger Picard
Color: Fawn/Tan
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: April 3, 2013
Weight: 43 pounds

Img 32771
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Mary Jane AKA "MJ"

Ebony beauty that has it all-- a gorgeous coat, pretty eyes, and a heart for a family!

I am sweet girl, loving, and smart. I was, originally, with a homeless couple who eventually found housing and had a baby. The couple just couldn't take care of me once the baby came along. So, some local rescuers jumped in to help! At my foster home, I am happy to snuggle on the sofa or get cozy in a doggie bed.

Breed: Lab/American Bulldog mix
Color: Black w/ white markings
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: November 2014
Weight: 56 pounds

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“Can I help you with that?”

I am very curious and like to be where my family is.  I am very playful and like to “help” and explore.  I like to climb into and onto things and have frequently been found playing in the running shower, amongst the warm clothes INSIDE the dryer, and helping clean plates INSIDE the dishwasher. I’M JUST CURIOUS TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WANT TO HELP YOU!  I really don’t make messes and am very relaxed inside and out of the house, but prefer the inside.  I love my crate and laying on anything soft, including dog beds, the couch, and beds.  In the evening, after I’ve played most of the day, I love to cuddle and will seek out your lap to lay on.  I love it when company comes over, I prefer men, but will cuddle with anyone.

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: Black and White
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: July 2016

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Want a BFF? I'm your girl!

I'm initially nervous around new people, but that lasts all of about 30 seconds! If they seem friendly and gentle, and want to say hello, I'm happy to say hello back. I love to hang around with the people I know. If my foster parents are sitting, I want to sit nearby. If they're walking, I want to go walking too. If they're being silly with me, then I'm all about that! My happy place is with my people, and as long as they're around, it's all good!

Breed: Boxer mix
Color: Tan and beige
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: October 2015
Weight: 50 pounds

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Looking for an experienced and dedicated home!

I am a tenacious and sweet girl with a ton of energy! I am very smart and love learning new things. I have learned so many new things in my foster home.

Check out my Facebook page for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/winkt...

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: White
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: September 2016
Weight: 20 pounds

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Looking for my forever home!

I have lots of love to give to kids, adults and other animals.  You name it I love it!  I’m a little out of shape, but I am working on it.  I am up to 5 miles walks every day and starting to add in some running. Let’s go play in the snow, it’s so much fun!  

Breed: Rottweiler/Mastiff mix
Color: Tan
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: September 2011
Weight: 85 pounds

Full Size Render
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Sweet boy who loves to learn!

I am sweet, energetic and extremely curious.  I enjoy spending time with my humans, playing ball, chewing my dog toys and going for long walks.  After I have burned off some energy, I really like to stretch out next to you on the couch or at your feet on my bed.      

Breed: Coonhound and Labrador Mix
Color: White with red markings
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: May 2016
Weight: 50 pounds

Img 0346
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Buddha (AKA Buddy or Boo)

Let's Play!

I am happy guy who loves to play! I am a little unsure of new people so I need a patient home who can give me some time to warm up. I am sweet boy and smart too! I love to learn new things!

Breed: Beagle/ Cocker Spaniel
Color: Black and tan
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: August 2014
Weight: 20 pounds

Img 3242
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I am a sweet boy who enjoys play and loves to run! I am, also, a smart guy who loves to learn new things.  I would love to continue with training, maybe some agility or rally? 

Breed: Tibetan Terrier
Color: Sable and White
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: July 22, 2013
Weight: 32 pounds

Img 20160722 213103
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Ready for my new life!

I am a very sweet girl who is looking for a home that can help me become more confident in the world and learn to trust. With a little patience, I will be your best friend. I am a smart girl and love to learn new things. I am an energetic you gal so I need regular exercise and activity!

Check out my FB page for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/Pogo-...

Breed: Border Collie mix
Color: White and Black
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: June 2015
Weight: ~ 30 pounds

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Ready to work hard, play hard, and learn a lot!

I love to learn, and am pretty good at it! My foster mom says that I’m very smart. I like to be right next to my people, but I’m good at sleeping in my crate at night. Just ask me to “kennel up” and I’ll go right in there! I LOVE people and have been the life of many a party. I am working on walking nicely on the leash and I’ve loved the hikes my foster ma takes me on! I like to sleep at her feet when she’s working, but as I’m getting healthier and stronger, I play a lot more and would love someone to run with me or play fetch!

Breed: German Shepherd
Color: Black
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: May 2015
Weight: 50 pounds (?)

Img 0788
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Plenty of energy and love to go around!

I'm an active guy! I like to run and jump and play. And I love to chew on bones and play with toys! Know any games?

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Color: White with Blue Spots
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: August 2012
Weight: 60 pounds​

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I’m a beautiful boy who had a rough start in life and now I am ready to shine!

I am a loving, outgoing, affectionate, enthusiastic boy! Despite my previous experience, I love to spend time with people!

In January 2013 , I was found on a doorstep extremely malnourished. For the next several days, I was treated for malnutrition, dehydration and organ failure. They weren’t sure if I would even make it through. With the kindness of the folks at Humane Society and All Breed Rescue & Training, I have made an amazing recovery.

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Color: Blue/Gray
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: January 2009
Weight: 54 pounds​

12435698 10205071699345104 361890202 n
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Full of life and full of love!!

I am a huge love bug who loves to cuddle up or play! I have lots of energy and like to run around or toss around my toys. I'm learning how to fetch and love going for walks or running around the back yard. I also LOVE big hugs and attention! I would love to have a family to call my own!

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: Tan and White
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: November 2013
Weight: 70 pounds

IMG 2306
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​I am always by your side!!!

Bubbly, bouncy and friendly! I am an active boy who needs a daily routine exercise.

Breed: Pointer/Hound mix
Color: white, black, brown
Gender: Neutered Male
Birthdate: December 2012
Weight: 75 pounds

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Enjoying Life!

I had a bit of a rough start to life but I'm beginning to understand that it can be really good. I love going for runs and walks and get really excited!! I am an excellent snuggler and love being close to my people.

Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Color: Brindle
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: October 2013
Weight: 40 pounds

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​Looking for my forever best buddy!

Hi! I'm Eve and I'd love to meet you. I'm a very energetic gal who would love to play tug and go on a walk with you. I, also, love to snuggle when I'm done exploring any noises inside or outside. I love doing tricks for treats and like meeting new humans and seeing if they will play tug or fetch with me.

Breed: Border Collie/Basenji mix
Color: Blue and White.
Gender: Spayed Female
Birthdate: February 2013
Weight: 40 pounds

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I’m a sweet boy looking for love.

Here’s what you need to know: I’m sweet and lovable! I love to play so much—and I can be quite exuberant.

Breed: Scottish Deerhound Mix
Color: Black
Gender: Male
Birthdate: June 2012
Weight: 45 lbs

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Trust me, you’ll like me!

Hey! I’m a sweet and shy boy who wants a calm household. I can’t wait to love you!

Breed: German Shepherd/Pointer Mix
Color: Yellow and Tan
Gender: Male
Birthdate: March 2013
Weight: 60 lbs

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