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Thank you for your interest in our dogs! All Breed Rescue & Training is dedicated to placing each dog in their forever home. Our goal is to adopt to the people that will treat that dog as a family member the rest of its life, and work in a positive manner to help the dog overcome any undesirable social or behavioral issues. While some of our dogs come from stable backgrounds, many rescue dogs have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and lack the experience of a stable dog-human bond. As a result they may display fearful or reactive behaviors. Most have had previous owners that lacked the understanding of how to help a dog move toward emotional stability.

With every adoption, included in the adoption fee, ABRT provides education about dogs and dog behavior, as well as positive training techniques that help create a trusting, lifelong dog-human bond. Each dog’s required program is individualized by our behavior staff based on age, temperament, and personality traits. Some dogs go to standard eight-week group classes, others to specialized group classes and/or private sessions. In addition, each adoption includes a behavioral evaluation that can be used at any time in the life of the dog. Some adopters find this useful when family or household circumstances change and the dog needs new behavioral guidance. A potential adopter’s commitment to training with ABRT is mandatory. For this reason, we accept applications from Colorado residents only.

Our adoptions process is delineated below.


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Fill out our Adoption Interest Form


Adoption Process

  • • Adoption committee contacts potential adopter.
  • • Adoption committee further evaluates interest form.
  • • If determined to be a potential fit for the family and for the dog, introductions are scheduled.
  • • Upon final approval, applicant(s) attend(s) ABRT’s Pet Awareness Workshop, a one hour workshop providing information about how to introduce a rescue dog into a new family and pack. Individualized to the particular dog being adopted, it eases the transition for both humans and dogs.
  • • ABRT representative performs home and property check. The four most important corrections to make in advance are:

    •             • Remove or permanently cover metal lawn edging (see Home Depot or Lowe’s for products to use)
    •            • Permanently cover open window wells
    •            • Make sure entire fence is intact (for some dogs, a fenced yard will be mandatory)
    •            • Secure cleaning agents and other chemicals out of the reach of dogs.

  • • At home check, adoption contract is thoroughly reviewed and signed. All responsible parties must be present at home check and must sign contract.
  • • Adoption fee of $300 is paid at signing of contract.
  • • Your new canine family member comes home!
  • • The first seven to fourteen days are a trial period, during which time the dog can be returned to ABRT for a refund of the adoption fee.
  • • Upon confirmation that you are keeping your new dog, please contact the ABRT office to schedule the training required in the adoption contract.


Although All Breed Rescue & Training does not adopt from our booths, we like potential adopters to be able to meet with some of the dogs that are available for adoption. Not all dogs in our program attend these booths. Submitting an interest form for a dog is the easiest way to be able to meet the dog you are interested in.

Adoption FAQ


Q1. What paperwork is involved?

All adopters must agree to and sign an adoption contract for that dog. Contracts can vary in the training that they require based on the dog's needs.

Q2. Do I have to have a fenced yard to adopt a dog?

The condition of having a fenced yard is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q3. What happens if I decide that I need to return the dog?

If the dog is returned, All Breed Rescue & Training will refund the adoption fee within the first seven to fourteen days after the adoption. After the trial period, no refunds will be given. It is our goal to adopt to a home where the dog is considered to be part of the family, and where the family is willing to make a life-long commitment to its well being.

Q4. What does my $300 adoption fee cover?

Here is a brief rundown of what the adoption fee will cover --

  • Full initial veterinary care, including updated vaccinations, fecal exam, and initial vetting (Value: $60-100)
  • Pet microchip (Value: ~$35)
  • Pre-adoption behavior evaluation and training (Value: $130-$400)
  • One additional behavior evaluation anytime during the life of the dog (Value: $175)
  • One training class customized to your dog’s needs (Value: $140-$300)

         Total Value: Up to $1010

    Q5. Do you adopt out of state?

    Unfortunately our adoption policy does not allow for out-of-state adoptions.

    Another Alternative: Have You Ever Thought About Becoming A Foster Parent?

    Adoption may not be for you, but our foster parents are a big part of the reason we can help the dogs that we do. Without them, we can't continue to rescue dogs. Fostering is not an easy task; dogs come from all places, with all sorts of experiences. However, it is very rewarding. As a Foster Home (otherwise known as a "Guardian Angel"), you would foster homeless dogs until a permanent adoption is arranged. If you have questions about fostering a dog, please contact us at 719-264-6460. If you are interested in becoming a Foster Home, please visit our Foster A Dog page.

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