Adoption Tails

Sapphire: Saving Lives

I adopted Sapphire from All Breed in April 2014, and I couldn’t be happier with her! She is well socialized among people and other animals, and is smart as a whip. She is eager to please and comes or stays when told. She is phenomenal. One day, we may do obedience competitions, because she would win them all! I hope we can join Colorado Mushers this year, because she loves to pull! It comes down to motivation: mutual love, trust, and respect. But more importantly, I learned that Sapphire is a universal dog blood donor (which is rare). So she now gives blood at Hemosolutions, the national dog blood bank in Colorado Springs, every four weeks. There is a critical shortage of blood for dogs, and hers will be sent all over the country. It’s estimated that her blood will save 52 dogs a year. So as a way of giving thanks for the many dogs you have saved, not to mention hers, please know that Saph in turn will be saving many lives. All Breed, thanks again for saving Sapphire!

— Suzanne Chance

Lil Dude: The Life of the Party

We lost our Bichon over four years ago to cancer and didn’t think we would have another dog. It felt empty without a dog in our family, so after a few months, I couldn’t resist looking online at rescue dogs. That’s when I found Lil Dude, a Bichon who’s about 10 pounds. Lil Dude was just a year old, but he must have been mistreated because he was “unadoptable.” We are so thankful that All Breed rescued him and put him in foster care. When we finally met Lil Dude, he snapped at my husband and didn't seem to like humans much. We knew we could help him, so we adopted him and sent him to school. Lil Dude earned "Most Improved" at school, but probably because he started at the bottom! Now he’s much more trusting and loving. He loves to be held and petted. He has also become the neighborhood star. He loves BBQs and Christmas parties. Thank you, All Breed, for giving Lil Dude a second chance and making our lives more complete!

— Norma & Denny Moore

Faolan: Love at First Sight

In early 2009, I decided to adopt a dog, because I thought having an animal who needs to be outside every day would be good for my physical and emotional health. I wanted a dog under 30 pounds who didn’t bark too much, was playful, and loved to be petted. I settled on the Boston Terrier. It took a few more months of searching, but finally I came across a little brindle and white dog from All Breed. It was love at first sight. I contacted them and arranged a meeting. Faolan had been in foster care for seven months. He was originally deemed too dangerous to be adopted. But as part their adoption process, All Breed requires training for new owners, which was exactly what Faolan and I needed to become friends forever. Thank you, All Breed, for bringing Faolan into my life!

— Brighid Ross

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