Dog Sports

It's game on!  Join us for our competition-level classes that cover a wide gamut of popular dog sports.

Please contact us here to find out more about our dog sports training classes.

Rally-Obedience / Competition Obedience (please contact us for changes due to Covid-19)

Age Range: All

Price: $30 per session

Course Duration: Drop-In

Requirements: None

Navigate a fun, sporty course with signs indicating different exercises to perform. Competing in this sport helps you and your dog improve balance, focus, and control.  

Agility (Skills Class Available Online) (please contact us for changes due to Covid-19)

Age Range: All

Price: $80 per month (4 sessions, $20 extra for 5 week months)

Course Duration: Drop-In with Instructor Approval

Requirements: None

Take your canine through obstacle training, competition, and beyond. Classes include basics obstacle instruction and move up to advanced exercises.

"Showbedience" Conformation

Age Range: All

Price: $15 per dog Drop ins for class; $10 per dog for our monthly Practice Shows

Course Duration: Drop-In

Requirements: None!

ABRT is excited to offer our "Showbedience" conformation program to the public. We believe that our training philosophy extends to all dog sports, and are excited to be a part of the forefront of conformation culture.  Check out our Showbedience schedule page to find upcoming drop in times and Practice Show dates.

Intro to Odor: Competition Nose Work

Age Range:12 months and up

Price: $120 per month (4 sessions, $30 extra for 5 week months); $35 Drop ins

Duration: Drop In

Requirements: Nose Knows

This class will start your dog's transition from searching for food to pairing food with competition odors.  For more information check out the National Association of Canine Scent Work at

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