Our Team

Our people are extremely dedicated to what we do here at All Breed Rescue & Training. Meet our team and board who make everything we do possible! 

Lauren Fox, CPDT-KA: Executive Director

Lauren has been the Executive Director of All Breed Rescue & Training in Colorado Springs since 1998. On the training side of the organization, she teaches group classes, and provides private consultations, evaluations, and counseling. On the other end, Lauren rescues and rehomes more than 100 dogs a year, and has personally fostered over 100 dogs. She presents training demonstrations and seminars at animal shelters, schools, libraries, and veterinary practices. She has taught both high school and college level courses in animal behavior, and has clicker-trained and rehabilitated hundreds of animals, including many breeds of dogs, wolves, wolf-crosses, cats, parrots, donkeys, and horses. Lauren currently shares her home with four dogs, a cat, an umbrella cockatoo, three donkeys, a Shetland pony, a Thoroughbred, two 15-year-old human children, and one amazing spouse!


Heather Balle-Mason: Director of Operations, Web-Dog, and CGC Evaluator

Heather started at ABRT in May of 2011 with her dog Ripley. She started as a student but quickly became family, assisting classes, then joining the student program before moving into the front office. At this point in her time at ABRT, she has done a little bit of everything and now handles most of the inhouse technical needs of the organization.

When not at ABRT working, she teaches freshmen how to survive in college. Ripley is a retired Service Dog, who moonlights as a therapy dog on campus, and is learning how to herd sheep. He has his Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Urban Canine Good Citizen, Farm Dog, Barn Hunt Open, Advanced Trick Dog, and Rally-Obedience Novice titles. Together, they also assist the Behavior Counseling team when needed. Retro is the new kid, an Aussie who started as a foster and stayed. The remaining member of Heather's pack is her boyfriend, Nick, who handles the more mundane of dog chores around the house.

Holly Redinger: Office Assistant

Holly started working in ABRT’s front office in February 2017. She started by fostering in the summer of 2016, then volunteered for several months before joining ABRT staff.  When not cuddling with office dogs, she is studying for her Biology degree at UCCS. She is very excited to be a part of the ABRT team and is looking forward to fostering more pups in the future. 


Jenna Haines: Adoption & Foster Director, Behavior Counselor

Jenna began with All Breed Rescue & Training to follow her passion to help dogs and owners blossom. She is, currently, the Adoption/Foster Director and a Behavior Counselor to further this passion. When not working, she enjoys hiking, camping, being outdoors, listening to live music, and hula hooping. Her home pack is made up of Tennessee Jed and Cassidy (her first foster whom she adopted), and two crazy cats, Yoda and, new kitten, Gandalf. Her heart still belongs to her soul dog, Sexy Sadie.She has also, proudly, fostered many puppies and continues to do so.

Julie Harbican: PR101 and K9 Nosework Trainer

Julie has been involved with All Breed Rescue & Training since 2001 when she started as a client. Julie currently teaches: Puppy Raising 101 (Socialization) and Canine Nosework (Scent Detection). She is currently an Adoption Champion (her current five dogs are all adopted from All Breed and she holds the All Breed record for her number of "foster failures") but is working hard to become a Foster Champion instead. She has currently given seven other dogs a place to stay until they find their forever home.

Currently Julie shares her home with her personal dogs, two foster dogs, a patient cat, and an even more patient sister, Karen. In her spare time (lots of laughing), Julie likes to cook, read, bead, crochet, and waste time on Facebook and Pinterest. She also competes in Canine Nosework with her dogs Lucy and Bugsy.

Karen Hancock: Trainer

Karen has been with All Breed Rescue & Training since 2008 when she won a free Foundation Course class at a dog show and brought her pug to the class. Karen enjoyed her class so much that she decided to join the student program. She now teaches Puppy Raising 101 along with helping us keep all the pennies in the right place. She fell in love with her first foster dog, Pharaoh. She learned that the dogs rescued by All Breed are wonderful dogs who just had bad beginnings. Karen lives with her "pack:" Minya (Pug), Pharaoh (Chi Mix), and Moi (Pug mix). She also has two parrots and eight ducks who keep all the dogs in “their places and on their toes.”

Anneliese DeAragon: Trainer and CGC Evaluator

Likes Dogs. Doesn't like writing. First came to All Breed for puppy class. Never left. Now a dog trainer with an awesome pitbull, Prim, plus Ponder, a pit mix, Keico, a GSD, Wink, a pit, and Pan, the baby Malonois.


Judy Katz: Barn Hunt

Judy started as a client at All Breed Rescue & Training in 2006 when training her dog Zoey. She soon began volunteering and coordinating Wash-a-thons and other fundraising events. She began fostering in 2010 with Beau, whom she eventually adopted, and has continued to foster other dogs. Her household now includes Beau, El (her former foster dog), and three horses. In her spare time, she enjoys antique car shows and her real job. Judy is our Barn Hunt instructor.

Chris Spinato: Event Coordinator and Volunteer

Chris has been a client at All Breed Rescue & Training since 2005. Her family includes her husband, Jeff, and at present, four crazy dogs. She has a 15-year-old Belgian-Tervuren Mix named Max, two Chihuahuas (both adopted from ABRT) a 9 yr old fawn colored girl named Peanut and an 8 year old girl named Biscuit.  Churro, a brindle chihuahua terrier mix, was added to the family during the Black Forest Fire.  They all love to go camping, hiking, boating and out to any restaurant that lets dogs on their patios.  Chris was on the All Breed Board of Directors for several years. She has worked on many committees and volunteered for many events, but is most known for chairing the Whine & Cheese event for most of its 12 year span and our Doggie Dash 5k.  Jeff is a great help to her during the crunch times before the events and soliciting many donations.  She loves finding ways to raise money for All Breed while making sure we all have some fun too.


Gordon Weldon - President of the Board

Patricia Humphries - Vice-President of the Board

Alex Chan - Secretary

Ramona Weldon - Treasurer

Kimberly Garcia - Member-at-Large

Claudia Melzig - Member-at-Large

Michael Gustafson - Member-at-Large

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